Heritage Australian Wagyu Beef Fillet 4/5 (Tenderloin) - 3Kg

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Australian Wagyu is a breed of beef that has been developed for the Australian market. They are genetically linked to the Japanese Wagyu breed, but are raised in Australia, where they are fed a diet of grain and hay. The beef from these cattle is leaner than their Japanese counterparts but still is considered extremely flavorful due to its marbling.

The first Wagyu genetics arrived in Australia around 1990 as frozen genetic samples. It wasn't until 1997 when the first full-blood Japanese cattle were brought to the country. Now, Australia is known as one of the world's premier Wagyu breeders.

Australian Wagyu beef is characterized by a mild flavor and tender texture. The high marbling of the beef makes it look very appealing, but the leaner texture makes it a great choice for grilled meat.


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