Iberico Pork Chop or Rack

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Iberico Pork French Trimmed Rack is a premium cut of pork originating from the Iberian Peninsula in Spain and Portugal. It is a section of the ribs that has been trimmed and prepared in the style of a French rack, showcasing the bone-in meat with the rib bones cleaned and exposed.

This particular cut is highly regarded for its exceptional flavor and tenderness. It is derived from Iberian pigs, a breed known for its rich marbling and unique flavor profile resulting from the pigs' acorn-rich diet. The Iberico Pork French Trimmed Rack offers a succulent and juicy meat texture that is further enhanced by the bone, imparting additional flavor during cooking.

As a gourmet choice, the Iberico Pork French Trimmed Rack is often prepared using various cooking techniques, such as roasting, grilling, or searing, to highlight its natural qualities. The exposed rib bones also add an appealing visual element to the dish, making it an impressive centerpiece for special occasions or upscale dining experiences.

Due to its limited availability and exceptional taste, the Iberico Pork French Trimmed Rack is highly sought after by culinary enthusiasts and chefs who appreciate the finest cuts of pork!

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